Yes To Yoga

We started this website to promote yoga and to spread its light to everyone’s life. We are proud to venture this initiative. Yoga is an ancient Indian practice; this practice has gained popularity in recent years all over the globe.

Many people are keen to adopt yoga in their lifestyle. Earlier, it was seen as a religious practice only; nevertheless, scientific studies have proven that it has health benefits. United Nations has taken novel initiatives to spread it around the world. Its benefits are endless. Moreover, countries around the world are adopting it in their daily life.

On this website, our goal is to spread the positive effects of Yoga in everyone’s life. My wife is an assistant professor of Yoga and has extensive experience on this topic. She is also a proud member of the Indian Yoga Association; she has been in this field for many years. She and I have been thinking to start this blog for a long time. With this initiative, our goal is to reach as many people as possible. Nowadays, the digital platform has changed our lives entirely and taking advantage of this medium, we can connect with people who are eager to learn this practice to improve their lives.

Writing reliable and research-based articles would be our primary goal. Yoga related contents are extensively available online; however, to help our readers, we will be covering all aspects of this topic. We will also be exposing the myths related to it. In all circumstances, our goal will always remain to help people. She and I both believe that our objective in life should be helping people and uplifting our society.

On this website, we will try to reach more people, we will try to spread yoga, and we will educate people about yoga’s benefits. In conclusion, the primary objective is to build a community around this blog to meet people who will be keen to adopt yoga in their lives.

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